Firewire interface Card

The DO-F Firewire interface is available for the M1-F 8 and 12 channel consoles and also TL Audio’s award winning Fat Track Tube Production Suite.

The DO-F is designed to offer an easy and high quality solution for interfacing TL Audio’s leading products with your Mac or PC based DAW.

With Plug and Play operation with OSX Apple Mac computers and 1 simple driver for Windows XP and Vista PC’s, configuration couldn’t be simpler.

The DO-F provides 24-bit operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz sample rates, with high quality AD/DA conversion.

The DO-F allows you to access all inputs and outputs of the analogue hardware via just one Firewire cable, making it a tidy, portable and reliable system.

Never before has integrating your sequencing and audio production software with real tube analogue hardware been easier, now you really can enjoy the best of both worlds with premium analogue audio quality and the ease of digital recording and editing.

When using TL Audio’s quality preamps or channel strips for recording, it is essential that you also use quality converters to get the best of your equipment. That is why TL Audio have spent time and money investing and researching the right type of converter for the DO-F to ensure that we can help you to make great sounding recordings a great deal easier.

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  • Fat Track:
    • 10 in / 4 out configuration (ins - line in 1, line in 2, Rtn A, Rtn B, Rtn C, Rtn D), (outs  direct out 1, direct out 2, master output)

  • M1-F 8:
    • 8 in / 10 out configuration (ins  line in 1  8), (outs  direct out 1  8, master output)

  • M1-F 12:
    • 12 in / 14 out configuration (ins line in 1-12), (outs  direct out 1  12, master output)

  • Converter section:
    • Allowed sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz
    • Wordlength: 24-bit
    • Dynamic range for both A/D and D/A: 114 dB
    • THD+N for both A/D and D/A: -100 dB
    • Latency time approx 3ms, dependant on computer, direct monitoring possible

  • DO-F card:
    • powered by the mixer
    • IEEE-1394a interface
    • SYNC LED indicator
    • sample rate selection LED indicators

  • Driver support:
    • ASIO/WDM for Windows XP/Vista
    • CoreAudio for Mac OS X (10.4 or higher) with Plug and Play operation.